World Sufi Festival

Sufism is beyond religion. This is a direct connection with the creator to transform personal understanding and self-realization, churches, mosques, churches, and their rituals. This mystical finds in poetry, dance, and music. The World Sufi Festival in Rajasthan produces collectively marvelous artists from across India and the world in a magnificent royal setting. This holy festival takes us off on a journey of sensitive music and takes us to the crossroads, where Indian culture meets those of the world crosswise.

The World Sufi festival would be held at the stunning Nagpur citadel, before moving to the sprawling Mehrangarh Fort, which is situated in the city of Jodhpur. Days and evenings of supernatural music, moves, and verses guarantee a life-changing experience.

Sufi music is always a bond between the West And East, serving certain are very plentiful and convenient features of Islam for centuries. Passionate or Spiritual, exciting and enchanting, exotic and blissful, Sufi music is different from other kinds of music. Sufi organizations may feel remarkably different and definite, especially to new musicians, when others can be astonished to find that Indian Qawwali is traditionally connected to the Turkish Dervishes.

Sufism is really beyond religion. This lets you arise over temples, churches, mosques, and permits you to connect with your creator on a level of spiritual. This serves you in your journey for self-realization and awareness and the great experience in imaginary music, poetry, and dance.

The World Sufi Festival, a platform for the greatest artist from around the world to enthrall their fans, is supposed to rank higher for Sufi festivals.

Major Attractions of World Sufi festival

Sponsored by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust in the Jodhpur City, the World Sufi Festival is an unimaginable mixture of excellent talent from across the world. Multiple artists participate in this festival to present their abilities under the starry sky of the magnificent Rajasthan. More beginning artists such as MadanGopal Singh, RuraFrom Scotland, IrfanTuqfail, The Kurdish Sufi Qadari have presented their performances here. This festival of Rajasthan specially aims to highlight the deep music that is a part of our Indian culture since antiquated times.

World Sufi festival 2021 dates

The performance at the 2021 edition was a surprise, and we are all anxiously expecting the entrance of this year. The World Sufi Festival in Rajasthan would be held in Nagaur from 10th -12th February 2021 and in the Jodhpur on 14th and 15th February. The Nagaur play is too expensive and sells out swiftly, so if you are looking to stay there, we recommended you that please book now.

  • 13 Feb 2021 : The show would be operating at RaoJodha Desert Rock Park
  • 14 Feb 2021 : The show would start from 7:00 AM in the morning till 9:00 PM in among these would be acting in small assemblies.
  • 15 Feb 2021 : The concourse would end at 11:30 PM and their several performances accompanied the voice of praise from the Himalayan Mountains to the TharDesert, and from Milarepa to MeeraBai.
  • 16 Feb 2021 : at 7:00 am Mahesha Ram – Bhakti Songs performing by the Meghwal community – Rajasthan.

How to Reach at World Sufi Festival

Organized at Mehrangarh Fort, the World Sufi festival Jodhpur is appreciated to bring a variety of talent in one event for 2 days. You will have to move ahead to Jodhpur to experience this festival. This city is located at a proper measure of Delhi 577 km., Kolkata 985, Mumbai 1,874, and Bengaluru 1,948 km. Below we mentioned how you will reach Jodhpur.

By Air

By Air

Jodhpur Airport is completely correlated with other cities of India. Conducted by the Indian Airport Authority, this gives its airside with the jodhpur Airways. Several airlines such as SpiceJet, Vistara, IndiGo, Air India conduct to and from Jodhpur Airport with high-grade connectivity.

As soon as you land at the airport, you need to take a cab or certain other such as Public Transportation to move to Mehrangarh Fort. You can also go through NH62 or Banar Road.

By Road

By Road

Jodhpur is strongly correlated with nearby regions and other cities by road networks. Here are the details of how you can go for Mehrangarh Fort, from Delhi – 577km via NH9 or NH62, Bikaner – 245km via Bikaner – Barner Road or NH 62, Jaipur – 341 km via NH48 or NH 162, Ahmadabad – 455 km via NH62, Indore – 658 km NH58.

By Train

By Train

Jodhpur Railways station is well joined to key cities of India and the trains are attend daily. The most adjacent station is Rai’sBagh railway station. From this station, you reach the place by public transport.

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