Role of Internet in Education

Most of the students refer to ‘Google’ for all their doubts, queries, and problems. Popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo give us instant access to vast empires of wisdom and knowledge. The role of internet in education has been useful incredibly because it offers facilities of communication and information. The internet has increased the reach of education at all levels and has become a vast storehouse of knowledge. Students have accessibility of free online video lectures and refers to study materials and encyclopedias in multimedia formats.

The internet is not only a best place to store and collect information but also permits it to be easily retrieved whenever desired. In fact, it has proved to be better than libraries when it comes to collecting information and conducting research.

Use of Internet in Education

The internet has been a boom in the sector of education because it offers instant access to the current information that may not always be available after spending hours in heavy libraries. But with the internet, all you need to do is a press of come buttons and you get tons of information. Here’s a look at the use of internet in education sector:

  • Easy Access of Information : With the use of internet in education, you can get access to so much details, both new and old. Even the previous questions papers of examinations are now available on the internet, thus making it easier for students with the use of internet to prepare better for exams.
  • Improved Quality of Education : Internet offers reach to quality education. when you browse a website, you can do this without any additional service. For this purpose, there is availability of both premium and free websites. You can select to go with any option that best suits your requirements.
  • Online Examinations : Not only for exams but also the registration for the exams has become online. Thus, very easy for the already stressed students to appear for the exams.
  • Turn to E-Learning : A new form of education has evolved with easy reach to the internet. It is called e-learning where you can attend tutorial, virtual video classrooms, or even accomplish homework when you sitting at home.

Importance of Internet in Education

The internet has ushered in improvements in technology, online entertainment, and communication, but this is also incredibly useful for the purpose of education. teachers utilize the internet to complement their chapters, and many prestigious universities have opened free online courses and lectures for everyone. The widespread uses of the internet have opened the door to vast knowledge for a wider range of people than ever before.

  • Enhanced Lessons : Teachers can ensure the use of internet by offering additional material and resources from the internet, like educational games and interactive lessons.
  • Study and Research : The internet has a wealth of knowledge that is readily available on any search. Due to this, the internet has replaced libraries as a source of information collecting and research.
  • Communication : It used to be that students who forgot tasks, missed a lecture, or could not remember an assignment were out of luck until they had a face-to-face talk with a teacher.
  • Accessibility : Many Universities have opened free courses on various subjects that are available to anyone for free.

Advantages of Internet in Education

The growth and invention of the internet were the greatest discovery. Today, more than 50% of the world’s population uses the internet. Its application founds in every sector, be it knowledge, communication, news, marketing, etc. There are many advantages of internet in education, such as access to information, historical data, and more. The relatively and fast low-cost access is the key advantage of internet to students and people.

  • The Internet Promotes Opportunities : The internet is a great source of information. You will always find new, current and historical details from online magazines, periodicals, books, research publications, blogs, websites, and news sites. There are many subjects and courses that you can take online.
  • Virtual Field Trips : As students, specially in college, educational field trips are a vital learning tool. Thanks to the internet, nowadays students are capable to take what is called virtual trips without leaving the classroom. Besides being amazing, effort, virtual trips save time and money. Technology is a huge benefit when used in education field.
  • Improve Social Skills : Today, newborns are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And you may be surprised to learn that some of them are very active compared to you. In addition, social media plays a vital and huge role in the field of education. In Addition to improving communication skill of people, it promotes unity, and team ship, and group work, are some of the most beloved qualities in education.
  • Job Search : Most job opportunities are applied and communicated online. And during their studies, students should become familiar with the job markets related to their specialization. In addition, internet promotes education system as well as recordkeeping, meaning it is easier to monitor learners’ progress and verify their claimed gains.

Impact of internet on education

Internet has proved to be a double-edged sword for education. Although, reliance on the internet has many positive and negative effects. The Educators needs to be aware of the positive and negative impacts of internet on education, so that they can avoid probably pitfalls.

Positive Impacts

  • Information : The important positive impact of internet on education is the information it provides. A vast amount of information regarding diverse subjects are presented on your fingertips.
  • Entertainment : Apart from studies, the students can use the internet also for entertainment. From, music, videos to games, everything is available on internet. For those students who study for many hours, this entertainment on internet is a best way to relieve stress.

Negative Impacts

  • Addiction : The internet can be addictive for students. Students may waste too much time on internet neglecting their studies. There are a lot of options on internet which can distract a student from his studies.
  • Misuse : Internet can be misused to promote laziness, even for a student’s education. Internet permits material to be copied. In the case of school homework or a university assignment, some students simply copy and paste the information from the internet.

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