Pushkar Mela 2022

Reflecting the vibrant culture of Rajasthan through sparkling activities and events, the 100 years old Pushkar Mela is certainly one of the largest and most famous camel fairs in the world. From letting you see the beauty of the golden sand to giving you a glimpse of the Rajasthani culture, this fair is a land of colors that you should visit.

With many reasons why you must attend the Pushkar fair Rajasthan at least once in your life, here is all the necessary information regarding this popular fair, what is different in 2022, and what you require to book your Rajasthan trip right away.

The Pushkar fair is no less than an encyclopedia on the tradition and culture of the Rajasthan state. This is the exhibition when a better population of the state can be found at one location and at one time. It seems as if the entire state has come alive at Pushkar to stand witness to its pulsating cultural heritage. Villagers gather from all around the state to enjoy and make merry, breaking all the barriers of the exciting schedules of their lives. Colorful sights at the fair can touch and move even the sternest heart. Hindu pilgrims can be seen flocking the location to take a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake, washing away all the sins of the past. Devotees and worshipers can be seen surrendering at the only Brahma Temple.

Pushkar Mela Dates 2022

The Pushkar Mela is directly linked to the Hindu Lunar calendar. This annual 14-day festival takes place in the lead-up to the full moon in the auspicious Hindu month of Kartik (October or November), the most flourishing time to absolve past sins. During this moon stage, locals bathe in the holy waters of Pushkar Lake, hoping their wishes will come true. The official future Pushkar Mela dates 2022 will be held from November 11 to 19.

Pushkar Mela Entry Fees

The Pushkar Mela has no entry fee. The entrance ticket price of this place is the official fee for entry to and visit of the location during its opening times. These Pushkar Mela entry fees can change time to time, so you should check directly at the monument or point of interest. These entry tickets can be purchased conveniently at the ticket window located near the premises of the place. Visit soon and witness the evolution of the Pushkar fair over the decades at this one of its kind museums in the whole Asia.

Things To Do In Pushkar Mela

Here are many interesting things you can do while visiting Pushkar Mela. Here are mentioned some interesting activities that will delight you:

1. Shop Handicrafts Paintings and Jewelry

Handicrafts Paintings Pushkar mela

Set up by rural artisans, the shilpgram is a great stop to purchase and take memories home from the fair. From traditionally handcrafted jewelry to gorgeous paintings and classic leatherware to pretty puppets, there is a lot you can purchase from here.

2. Get Your Adventure Game On

hot air ballon ride pushkar mela

Enjoying an aerial perspective of the fair from a hot air balloon flight, involving in paramotoring, quad biking, and taking a camel safari are certain best ways to calm the adventure in you when you are soaking the warmth of the desert. Get ready, hop on, and explore the city while you are at the Pushkar Mela 2022.

The cost of these activities ranges from INR 4,000 to INR 18,000, and are undoubtedly some should have experience when you are in Rajasthan.

3. Participate in the Photography Contest

Photography Contest pushkar mela

If you are a photography enthusiast at heart, it is time you let the world see your talent and also win a prize for it. Of all the things to do in Pushkar Mela 2022, participating in ‘Frame the Fair’ being organized by the Rajasthan Tourism and E factor entertainment is one thing you should have definitely do.

4. Witness or Be a Part of Fun Competitors

Mustache Contest Pushkar Mela

From competitors like Mustache Contest to Matka Race, and Camel Dance to Bride and Groom Contest, there is a long list of events happening during the Pushkar Mela. In addition, just seeing them from a distance, you can also participate in them and make unforgettable memories.

5. Indulge in Pushkar Local Delicacies

Pushkar Local Delicacies

While everything at the fair may look too expensive, know that it is definately worth a try, especially the local cuisines such as Dal Baati Churma. It is the best time to indulge in the food specialties of Pushkar, and you can relish it during your trip.

Places To visit in Pushkar

When you will already be in awe of the town throughout the Pushkar Mela 2022, here are some of the top places where you can explore to see what makes this town a true marvel.

1. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake

Renowned as one of the most sacred lakes in Rajasthan, this spot is a paradise for every type of traveler. The peace surrounding the lake is worth experiencing, and so it is the beauty of watching the sunrise and sunset from here.

2. Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar pushkar mela

Apart from the Shilpgram bazaar in the Pushkar Mela, the Sarafa Bazaar in the town is one the best shopping places in Pushkar to visit if you are a shopaholic at heart. It provides a lot of items such as the Rajasthani costumes and puppets, curios, embroidered shoes, glass lamps, bags, and more.

3. Rangji Temple

Rangji Temple Pushkar

A perfect combination of Rajput, Mughal, and South Indian architecture, this temple is an extraordinary sight in the town of Pushkar. Since it is devoted to an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is in close proximity to the old markets, it typically stays crowded with innumerable worshippers.

4. Naga Pahar

Naga Pahar Pushkar

Being a hill that divides Pushkar from Ajmer, and is rumored to disappear with time, Naga Pahar is a top tourist attraction in the town. Apart from sitting by the Nag Kund here, you can also relish the breathtaking view of the town from here and capture memories on your camera.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Why is Pushkar Camel fair celebrated?

Ans. The original intention behind the Pushkar Camel Fair was to allure local camel and cattle traders to do business during the holy Kartik Purnima Festival, held in Pushkar around the full moon in the Hindu lunar month of Kartik. The fair has now also become a major tourist attraction, with the camel trading part being surpassed by a formal program of activities arranged by Rajasthan Tourism.

Q. What is the Pushkar fair famous for?

Ans. The Pushkar fairs or Pushkar Mela, as it is locally known, is an annual five-day camel and livestock fair held in the city between the months of October and November. It is famous for its fair featuring a trading fete of cattle, horses, and camels.

Q. When is Pushkar Fair organized?

Ans. Pushkar fair is generally organized in the month of Kartik Ekadasi Poornima according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. It is touted as one of the largest livestock fairs in the world that involves the trading of camels, goats, cows, horses, sheep, and bullocks.

Q. Where is Pushkar camel fair held?

Ans. The Pushkar Camel Fair is an annual multi-day livestock fair and cultural fete held in the town of Pushkar (Rajasthan, India).

Q. Is Pushkar in Thar desert?

Ans. Pushkar is set in the heart of the Thar Desert, Pushkar is a small somewhat remote city. Yet despite its modest size, there is a reason that this town is so well known.

Q. What is the best time to visit Pushkar?

Ans. The best time to visit Pushkar is during October-November, during the fair, which is also the onset of the winter season. But tourist season starts in October and ends in February. The maximum temperature around this time is 15C and the minimum is 3.7 C.

Q. Is Pushkar safe?

Ans. Pushkar is a small town where people know people, so it can feel pretty safe, even at night, Although, there are the exception to the rule so one should always practice street smarts.

Q. Which God is Worshipped at Pushkar?

Ans. Pushkar in Rajasthan is famous for being home to the most signif9icant temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. According to popular belief, Pushkar is the only temple where Brahma is worshipped.

Q. Is Pushkar worth visiting?

Ans. It is very touristy but I found it to be very relaxing. Pushkar is definitely worth a visit as far as I am concerned and yes it is a touristy place but beautifully situated around the lake.

Q. Why is Pushkar famous among foreigners?

Ans. Apart from buying and selling livestock, it has become an important tourist attraction. Competitions like the ‘matka phod’, ‘longest mustache’ are the main draws for these fairs which allures thousands of tourists, in recent years, the fairs have also involved an exhibition cricket match between the local Pushkar club and a team of foreign tourists.

Q. How far is Pushkar from Delhi?

Ans. The best possible way to reach Pushkar from Delhi is either by train or by bus. The distance between Delhi to Pushkar is 419.9 km. It covers the distance in approximately 8-9 hours.