Most Profitable Business in India With Low Investment

Are you interested in starting your own business? It is important not to become confused about which business or industry sector to choose. Every business has positives and negatives; it’s about the most profitable business ideas. Your passion and zeal lie with the specific business you want to crack.

In order to reach the target, it is also important for you to acquire the right skills. As long as you have the confidence to implement the skills that you have, you will be able to succeed. So let’s see some of the most profitable business in India with low investment.

Key Factors To Choose Best Profitable Business In Dubai

Before we get into the best profitable businesses in India, let’s see how you can choose a good business. The 3 key factors to selecting the best profitable businesses in India are by checking whether:

  • There are any particular skills required to begin any of the businesses.
  • To start their business, most businesses do not have any investments.
  • Profitability is high in all businesses so that breaking even doesn’t take long.
  • You can conduct business in any part of the country.

List of 15 Most Profitable Business in India With Low Investment

1. Incense Stick Manufacturing

Indian culture holds a special place for incense sticks. And because of this, incense stick manufacturing is one of the most profitable business in India with low investment. In social and religious settings, they are used daily. In addition to this, it is an insecticidal fumigant. In addition to India, neighbouring countries, including Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, etc., also use incense in their daily rituals. The manufacturing process for this item is straightforward, which is a benefit of its high demand.

Producing them won’t require a lot of sophisticated machinery. You will be able to make over two million incense sticks for less than 5,000,000 in setup costs. Two of the best places to purchase raw materials are in Mysore and Bangalore.

2. Providing Tiffin’s to Office or People

This is one of the best businesses in India in low investment. Almost every family member nowadays works outside the home. Tiffin’s cannot be prepared and sent because of time constraints. That’s why you should take advantage of it. There are no other options for lunch or snacks, so many people have to have them outside.

Isn’t it true that all of us prefer food with a homely feel? Tiffin services can be started based on this model. The food can be cooked by you and then delivered, or it can be prepared by someone from the customer’s family and then delivered. So choosing this as your business will be a good idea as it is one of the high-profit margin businesses in India.

3. Starting a Food and Beverage Outlet

One of the best profitable business in India is opening a food and beverage outlet. It is no wonder why people enjoy and open up businesses in the Food and Beverage Industry since food is one of the three basic necessities of life.

Since food joints serve delectable food, they will not run out of customers as long as they remain small-scale business ideas. Start-up businesses don’t have to be restaurants from the get-go. A traditional breakfast can be just the starting point, topped with optional snacks.

4. Blogging

Bloggers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Alternatively, you can work from anywhere in the world; rent an office space if you’d like, or work from home. A minimal amount of setup is required. Keeping growing as a blogger requires you to develop your knowledge in a niche that interests you.

You can hire an SEO professional or content writer if you do not have any experience in either area. Hence blogging is also considered as one of the best profitable business in India with low investment.

5. Providing Virtual Aids

The needs of companies like Amazon and eBay to provide technical support and manual assistance to their customers have constantly increased in recent years.

Provide simple answers to customer inquiries, Minimal task completion, earn money on a weekly, monthly or hourly basis. You can generate earnings of up to Rs 4000 per hour with virtual assistance as the best business in India. They are choosing virtual assistance as your business is smart and one of the best profitable businesses in India.

6. Opening a Mobile Garage

When was the last time your vehicle broke down in the middle of the road? The situation may have been difficult for you, but you may have felt the same way.

Repair service was all we could think of at that time. Vehicle numbers are increasing significantly. As a consequence, the number of breakdowns has also increased. So starting a mobile garage of your own will be a good idea for a start-up. And will prove to be one of the high-profit margin business in India.

7. Babysitting or Childcare

As we have already stated, all of the family members work in offices now. Hence, they always search for someone who can take care of their little one when they are away.

Childcare is something you can start giving them for free. The childcare industry is one of the most profitable business with low investment in India right now. Also, you won’t have to invest much. You can cheer the child with toys, mattresses, and food. During the day, you will need antiseptic lotions, a first aid kit, and diapers. Couples working together are driving this business to grow.

8. Become an Aquarium Seller

Aquariums are a popular decoration for homes. Set up a business in your local or nearby area that sells attractive aquariums. So this can be considered as one of the easiest as well as one of the best profitable businesses in India. Aquarium containers of varying sizes will need to be purchased. Additionally, different kinds of colourful fish will be required.

9. Taking Up Tailoring Works

It’s a great idea since it revolves around another basic human need – clothing, so it’s appealing to just about everyone. The tailoring and embroidery business is an established one and is usually run out of a home by a small business partner.

It takes orders for boutiques and completes them. In large cities where tailoring services are in high demand, a tried and tested business idea could make it more likely to succeed in the future.

The chances of succeeding in small scale business ventures are obviously more likely if someone has undergone the necessary training and has sufficient experience.

10. Taking Cooking Classes

For experienced professional chefs who don’t want to work at restaurants and food trucks, there’s the option of cooking classes. It is a unique trend that is gaining popularity among Indian urban families as a delicious and healthy cooking activity they can do together.

Additionally, you can even teach these classes in person as well as online, or you can make a video blog to demonstrate the finer points of cooking. Utilising the online route offers great potential for expanding and monetizing potential markets otherwise inaccessible. This is one of the best profitable business in India for chefs or cooks.

11. Giving Yoga Classes

A good yoga instructor is knowledgeable about yoga and practices all of the ‘Yoga Asanas’. Stress busting practices like yoga are considered to be the best available on the planet.

Both in India and abroad have a high demand for yoga instructors. To do this business, no investment is required. So this business can be grouped among the best business in India in low investment.

12. Travel Agency or Travel Agent

There are many travel enthusiasts out there so starting a travel agency or becoming a travel agent is considered the best business in India in low investment.

Starting and running a travel agency is possible with a couple of certifications and a prime location. To be a successful travel agent, you need to make others feel comfortable and convenient when traveling. Initial knowledge of global itinerary options, hotel rates, and flight fares is helpful.

13. Starting a Salon

Most metro cities’ trendiest option and most profitable business in India is to open a salon. In modern-day India, young people are more conscious of their appearance and grooming.

Due to this, most salons have decent clients, no matter where it is. In metro cities, salons make serious money during the wedding or festive seasons.

14. Food and beverages catering

Just hiring labor, buying raw materials, and having tents, tables, chairs, and utensils cost money to set up a catering business. The rest is dependent on marketing techniques, contacts, and the quality of the food you prepare and serve.

15. Portal for Finding Marriage Matches

Marriage takes place in heaven but is arranged on earth. Marriage online portals are more popular in big cities and towns, but wedding bureaus prevail in smaller towns and cities. Prior to making any decision, families meet with other families in person.

Therefore, you can become a successful businessman with 1-2 employees and a registration certificate. And having such a portal as your business then it is the most profitable businesses in India with low investment.


Business success depends on many variables, such as market conditions, the entrepreneur’s skill and many other considerations. All of those small business ideas above have unique risks associated with them, but each holds promise for becoming a business that thrives in the future.