How to Track Lost Mobile by IMEI Number

Now, this is possible to locate your lost mobile phone without a SIM card, GPS location, and internet access. You can definitely find your lost phone by utilizing the IMEI number. But some people have no idea that how to track lost mobile by IMEI number. But now, no need to worry as here we mention a little guide for you that will surely help you to understand the vital things about locating your mobile phone.

What is an IMEI number?

IMEI number is an iconic identification number for every smartphone. This is utilized by network providers to identify uniquely an Android phone on a network and expand its services. The IMEI number of mobile phones can be located on the back of the device, under the battery, or on the bank panel of the device. Also, the IMEI number is usually utilized to trace a mobile phone if the SIM card is changed.

The mobile tracking project is in growth for some time and was built with the single intention of reducing the business of privacy and counterfeit phones. The Indian government has allowed around Rs. 15 crores for this project with the expectation of concrete results.

When we have certain great tools like locating my iPhone and also locate the phone on Android, they are useless in case the lacks a connection to the internet. Every first-party or third-party application on the mobile phone fails to function normally without an internet connection.

CEIR is a central database of all the mobile operators with IMEI numbers. As every phone has an IMEI number, this is simple to distinguish the device from others. The Indian government has unveiled the CEIR, that permits utilizers to track or block the lost mobile phone. The new technology is expected to function even in case the SIM card is replaced or removed. The registry is maintained by the development center of telematics because they operate with telecom operators and other regulatory officials to trace lost mobile phones.

Steps to Find a Lost Mobile by IMEI Number

  • The first phase is to file a police report regarding a stolen or lost mobile phone and you need to hold a photocopy of the report.
  • Next, you need to contact your service provider to give you a duplicate SIM card, when you approach to block your IMEI number then you would receive an OTP on the number.
  • To block the IMEI number you need to go to the portal here and attach the necessary documents. You would require a police report copy, proof of identity, buy invoice, and other information.
  • You would receive an OTP on the entered number; it must be a similar number that was active on the mobile phone prior to it was lost.
  • Then you would be provided a request ID and you can examine the request status, or unblock the IMEI if needed in the future.

When you file a police report for a lost phone, the network operator would share the IMEI number of the device as blacklisted in the central database would also restrict the device hence it does not function on any network even in case the SIM card is replaced or removed. This latest initiative of the telecom department has a lot of probability and is expected to assist as many as possible utilizers.

Although this is not possible technically to trace the mobile phone directly to your mobile, this is possible for a network operator to set a mobile phone on an alert list. With this method, the mobile phone can be recognized when this is linked to the network. You can function it by complying with the FIR procedure and adding your IMEI for the blacklist utilizing the way, it would make sure that the law enforcement officials and network operators are looking for your phone while recognized your phone on their network, the law enforcement officials are informed then they can take necessary actions.

Find Your Lost Phone by IMEI Tracker

You are surely beginning to panic when you lost your phone. All your personal details are disclosed to anyone there. Luckily, there are some best IMEI tracker to locate or track your device that are:

1. Google Find My Device

You can view your phone on a map. If the recent location is not available, you will view the last location. Navigate your device with Google Maps by clicking device location and then click on the map’s icon. You can play the sound on high volume. Plus, you can wipe the device or with a custom message you can lock it and contact number on the screen.

2. Wheres My Droid

Utilizing the app, you can turn up the ringer volume and you can ring your phone. The application can get a GPS coordinate also with a connection to Google maps if you are not close enough to your mobile phone to hear the ring. You can track your mobile by text message meditation words or from anywhere with online commander.

You can protect your phone data if it lost. Locking your mobile will render it unusable when trying to trace the location of your lost phone. If there is no hope for locating your mobile, then you can wipe your personal data with the wipe feature.

3. Lost Android

Manage your device remotely from the or through SMS. You can lock your stolen or lost mobile phone. Find lost mobile phone by utilizing GPS network, begin alarm with a flashing screen. Plus, this gives you information about the IMEI, battery status of smartphones. Another amazing feature of this application is that whenever anyone adds a new SIM card then an email is received.

4. Find My Phone

This app lets you locate your phone utilizing the advanced GPS tracker. Stolen, lost or misplaced phone can be easily tracked with this application. Its navigational aids can provide your guidance to a lost phone, making recovery easy and quick. You are able to view your phone is during the day, utilizing the location history facility. As soon as droid is moved, the app can trace it. Afterwards, you can simply open the application and locate where it is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I track my mobile using IMEI number for free?

You need to follow a little procedure, first, you need to open your IMEI Tracker through iStaunch, then you need to type IMEI number, then solve the captcha code, and click on the track option. Now you would be able to see the exact location of your mobile phone.

Can a mobile phone be tracked when switched off?

Tracking or locating a switched-off mobile phone is a bit tough as when mobile is switch off its communicating activity would stop with the mobile towers. This can be tracked only by its previous location.

How can I block my stolen phone without IMEI number?

All you need to do is provide your mobile number to your SIM customer care and approach them to block your stolen or lost phone. They would confirm your identification and when everything is in place, then the mobile phone blocking procedure will start.

How can I delete my lost phone using IMEI number?

To remove your mobile phone by IMEI number, you need to ensure that you need to choose the stoles or lost device from the main drop-down, and then click on erase or delete option. You will be asked to confirm the procedure. And then again, you need to click on delete and the factory reset procedure would start.

How can I block my lost phone?

First, you need to file a police report and then you need to get a duplicate SIM card from your service provider. Prepare all the necessary documents and fill the locking registration form and attach the essential documents. When you submit the form, you need to give a request ID. Then they will start the process after the verification of requesting status.

Which is the best IMEI tracker?

There are several best IMEI tracker that includes – Google find my device, lost Android, whereas my Droid, security, and Antivirus, find a lost phone, and Find my phone.

How can I locate a lost phone for free?

There are some steps that you need to follow prior to tracking your lost phone such as a connected and active Google account, and location services enabled on the device. Though the phone manufacturer can provide its own specialized solution to trace your mobile, Google finds my device is potentially the very simple, easy, and reliable method.

Do police recover stolen phones?

If a mobile phone has created GPS, the police can’t trace a stolen mobile phone unless the tracking application is enabled and fitted. The users of Android who have downloaded the app’s premium version can remotely lock their mobile.