How to Study for Exams in One Day

Exams are one of the most crucial phases of a student’s life. The exam is a situation where students can become more stressed and more focused on their studies. Exams are the most important stage of a student’s life and yet it is the most panicking situation for a student. Most of the student who does not study the whole year concern about how they could prepare for the exam in just 24 hours or a day before exams. Many students concern about how they will study for the exam just before a day. Thus, this makes it a more stressful and Quieter, and impossible job for a student to prepare for the exam just in 24 hours.

But here is good news for all those students who study just a day before their exams. Yes, you can have a perfect strategy for preparing for your exams a day prior. In this article, we have mentioned every strategy and tip which is required by the students. This article will help the students in evaluating their time and make them learn about how to study for exams in one day. You can easily prepare for your exam just by giving some little bit of hard work and perseverance. this strategy with definitely help you to become confident and help you in memorizing all the key concepts and key points for studies.

Remember before you begin to study always remain calm and gather all the material which is required for you to study. You need to find a quiet spot in your house as you need to be very focused.

Note: exams are conducted to check your memory power not your intelligence.

Here Are The Ways How to Study for Exams in One Day

1. Remain calm

Keeping yourself and your mind calm is very important for you, as you need to be focused and do not get panic because of the small amount of time. Relax and relax your mind before you start to study for your exams. Be confident about yourself that you will be completing all the main material which is required for you to study in a small period. It is very necessary for you that you should not panic or stress or anxiety about Studying. This will make it harder for you to concentrate on your study and memorize all the key points.

2.Collect your materials.

Do not waste a single minute off studying for your exams. Before you sit to study, collect all your material which is required for you first starting. Gather all the exam studying supplements and other paper supplements two conserve your time. Always organize these materials neatly and cleanly and keep them on your work surface. Do not mess up the things, keeping your study session surface neat and clean will help you in providing the space to access them when you are in urgent need.

3.Occupy for a quiet spot in your home.

You need to sit in a quiet place as you will be studying all the study material before your exams. And you must keep all the main points in your mind and memorize them. However, it’s very tempting if you study with a large group of friends but if you are studying a day before your exam you need to study in an individual mode. Inhibit yourself away from using any of the electronic devices, cut down all the distractions like switch off the television, switch off your mobile phone and inform your housemate not to disturb you or gather around you.

4. Make a list of important key points, terms, concepts.

Before you start studying you need to remember that you are going to study a subject for a whole night. And the first thing you should realize is to do make a to-do list of important terms and key points you will be focusing upon. This will help you in considering all the important and major key points which are required for you to study. Therefore, this will not create a mess for you and you can study all the terms and concepts in a sequence way. This strategy will help you in centralizing your course and therefore you can gain all the major knowledge of a topic by cutting off the other non-important topic.

5. Look for short summaries.

Summers will help you in focusing on the major parts of a lesson. However, you do not require to begin with the chapter instead look for the chapter’s summary, this will help you in conserving your time and give you all the basic and main key points of a chapter.

6. Make go-to notes.

If you are looking how to study for an exam in one day then you need to make go to notes. This strategy will help you in keeping all the information down with you and you can revise this information at any time. make sure you are writing it in your own words rather than copying or using a mobile phone. As typing isn’t an effective way to memorize the facts.

7. Keep on revising important terms and concepts.

Once you are done with your study. Do revise and keep on revising all the main key points and other important concepts. try to speak the terms in out loud sound so that you can easily remember or memorized the facts and terms. Specifically, take at least 30 minutes and refresh yourself. Then revise all the previous concepts you have studied before taking a break. This strategy will help you in remembering all the previous points and adding new points in your mind to memorize them.


these are the basic and helpful tips which will help you in finding out your problem solution that how to study for exams in one day. Follow these steps and these will help you in organizing your work. These strategies will also help you in reducing the workload and you will be focusing on all the main and major key points which are required for you to study.

Rather than going to study the whole chapter, it is very easy for you to look for some reason or make handmade go to notes for easy revisions. Hand-made notes will help you in memorizing a few key facts and through these key facts, you can easily make a sentence. Also, this will help you in memorizing things if you remember a little bit of a concept.

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