How to Scan Document With Phone

With the home office being the new normal for several, there are occasions when you require to send somebody a document through email. But, how to scan document with phone. Yes, you can normally take a click and send it. But it is possible to get outcomes results that look like you’ve utilized a proper scanner rather than sending a poorly lit, distorted image. There are different methods to do this, comprising, a digital app for scanning documents on smartphone devices. You can also find the camera app of your phone which has ‘Text’ or ‘Document’ settings regarding the same. In fact, if you are an iPhone user functioning iOS 15, you can also utilize the new live text feature to convert it to editable text without downloading anything extra – and utilize the Notes applications to scan docs.

You may have experience already in making digital copies with a desktop scanner, which is the same as a photocopier. Although, several tablets and smartphones can really capture sound quality scans of documents with their amazing cameras, which makes the procedure quicker and more convenient as compared to a conventional scanner. In this blog, we will discuss a few applications that one can utilize for Android and iOS mobile phones.

The Names of Apps for Scanning Documents on Phone

1. Google Drive – Android/iOS

Google Drive

This app arrives pre-installed on Android devices is Google Drive that is utilized by several people to keep their vital files secure in the cloud. However, it is their focus; the fact is that Google Drive is also a good app for scanning documents, as it has a process for scanning documents with a mobile camera. Of course, the good thing is that all the scanned files with this app are stored already in the cloud.

Scanning documents with Google Drive also comes with a number of advantages. As this uploads your scans to the drive account, you do not need to remember to back up your scanned papers manually. This is also simple to share your scanned documents with friends and family by sending a drive link. If you do not have this application on your device, then download it from the Play store, and make your Google account. On any of the tabs of the app, click the plus button to demonstrate the create a new panel. Once it appears, select scan.

2. Cam Scanner – Android/iOS

Cam Scanner

A well-recognized alternative that is available for iOS and Android is the Cam Scanner application. This is one of the best mobile app for scanning documents for Android and iOS users. Its difference is because of certain features that can be very useful, like removing holes in the notebook page, editing scanned text and managing documents by varieties.

While very efficient, this requires remembering that the scanned documents with the free version of the function have a small watermark and an OCR process, that permits for limited editing text. To clear this limitation, this is required to get the service which can be monthly or annually.

3. Simple Scan – Android

Simple Scan

As the name suggests, Simple Scan is the best app for scanning documents android, that value is simple, but without missing a few important features. Through this, you would be able to scan and edit and the scanned documents with the mobile phone and also leave them password protection, which is necessary for your security and privacy. Moreover, with the aforementioned features, Simple Scan is capable of uploading scanned documents through its Wi-Fi network to the cloud or to a computer. There is no iOS version of this application.

4. Microsoft Office – Android/iOS

Microsoft Office

The popular Microsoft suite recognized for word and other apps also has a special feature for scanning documents from the mobile phone. The procedure itself is straightforward to run, but the difference is that Office can also scan spreadsheets, which can be now exported to Excel format. This is also a safe app for scanning documents, as, like Google Drive, this is vital to note that all scanned files with this application can be saved to the cloud directly. Also, this procedure can be done in the Office app, Office lens app is also available in Microsoft that has usually similar functions, but is dedicated to this task.

5. Adobe Scan – Android/iOS

Adobe Scan

The Adobe Scanner is also a prime app for scanning documents on phone. You can utilize this app to quickly scan a variety of documents, click new images, or utilize existing pictures and turn them into digital prints. This app turns images into PDF files and stores them in the Adobe cloud. Empowered with OCR, the application helps automatic text recognition which automatically turns print text into real text.
With this app, moreover, to scan documents pages, you also scan business cards and receipts. Once the documents scanning is done, comprising, Adobe Scan permits you to remove small imperfections from files like marks, smudges, and also handwritten writing. This app automatically stores all scanned documents on the Adobe documents cloud, so your scans can be accessed from any mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

6. Swift Scan – Android/iOS

Swift Scan

This is a more complete-featured app used for scanning documents, that gives custom folders for good organization, iCloud syncing, small file naming, and automatic uploading of content to your liking several cloud storage services. This app produces sound scans in many kinds of documents, comprising, business cards, books, photos as well. This can operate OCR in many languages, and the outcomes are great. Although, the iOS application relies on a relatively costly subscription model, and the very cost-effective Android application is not as completely developed as the iOS version.

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