How To Pre-register For PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile was banned in September 2020 for security reasons, and since then, players have been waiting for the Indian version of the game. To make sure better security, KRAFTON assured players that their data will be stored securely on servers in Singapore and India. Since the PUBG mobile India makers have decided to open PUBG Mobile India Pre-registration for android phones, this means that you would have to visit the Google play store.

The good news for millions of fans of PUBG mobile India, who have been waiting for a long time. The much-awaited game would be available for pre-registration very soon. The boring time has gone. So, get excited because South Korean publisher KRAFTON has now revealed the Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration date. The registration would be for the users of Android phones.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Insta Post
Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Announcement For Pre-Registration

KRAFTON announced the registration date days after officially confirming that PUBG Mobile India will be launched in India soon. It should be noted that with Battlegrounds Mobile India, KRAFTON has tried to provide a new identity to the battle royal game, which was banned by the government of India in September 2020 due to privacy concerns.

PUBG Mobile India Launch Date

PUBG Mobile India release date is now not to be far away. PUBG Mobile India pre-registration in India would go live for Android on 18th May. However, the details about iOS are not clear at the moment. KRAFTON says that there would an exciting reward for those who start pre-registration from MAY 18th. These rewards would be exclusive only for the Indian players and they can claim the commencement of the game. According to the reports, reportedly the PUBG Mobile India launch date takes place on 10th June.

Here is the Battleground mobile india pre registration official website You can pre-register here easily.

How To Download PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India would be available for download as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India has now gone live. Additionally, the game’s parent company KRAFTON Inc. has reportedly registered the domain ‘’ and updated its asset thumbnail.

That said, there is no vision of Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG India download link yet. Smartphone app marketplace: The game is still unavailable on the Google play store and app store. However, the players can play the global version of PUBG Mobile in India. DNA quoted the government as saying that access to the global version of the game in the country was ‘not illegal’. Therefore, domestic gamers can download the PUBG Mobile APK available from the web on their device and play the game in India.

Good news for PUBG lovers in India the Battlegrounds Mobile India Is now available on TAPTAP. So what are you waiting for just go and download the game

Battleground Mobile India Game Download

Who Made PUBG Mobile India

PUBG was developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of KRAFTON Inc. The company has launched the game for PC, but it was the Chinese company Tencent games that brought PUBG in mobile phones. Following the ban in India, KRAFTON removed Tencent and take the charge on its shoulder of publishing PUBG Mobile in India. Before announcing the new PUBG Mobile India game designed especially for the Indian market in November, the company tried to find Indian investors to revoke the ban. The game is said to offer a healthy and safe gameplay atmosphere, with screen-time measurement devices, fully-dressed avatars, and green-hit instead of red.

Latest Updates on PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India latest update for starters, PUBG mobile has been renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India to the Indian market and even gets a new logo to set up its own brant unit. The company wishes to move away from the PUBG mobile linking because the company wants to avoid another ban. According to the reports that KRAFTON said content creators to not use PUBG Mobile branding when it comes to battlegrounds Mobile India. In addition, special attention will be paid to the security, confidentiality of the players in the game, and how the company handles data.

Moving forward in gameplay, unlike PUBG Mobile, players in Battlegrounds Mobile will be fully dressed when they land on a map. By comparison, the visual bloodshed would be less and the blood would be green instead of red. The game may differ from the global version and the map may get new names. However, recently, a location has been shown in a teaser image which is very similar to PUBG Mobile’s Sanhok map. It does not appear that the PUBG Mobile player achievements and IDs would be retained or they would have to start afresh. However, the game may contain special in-game content such as limited-edition costumes, events, and more. KRAFTON is said to be planning leagues and tournaments, to increase the sport’s popularity in the country.

PUBG Mobile India latest update says, for parental control in Battlegrounds Mobile India, players under the age of 18 years would demand parental consent and the mobile number of their parents in the game to verify parental consent will have to be recorded. for minors, this game can be played only for three hours a day. Additionally, the players may not spend more than Rs 7.000 on in-app purchases at Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are no such restrictions on PUBG Mobile global.

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